HRSCORE.IN is founded by Navin K. Choudhary, an engineer, a first generation entrepreneur, a nationally acclaimed orator and now an author of “You are a born winner”. The purpose of hrscore.in is to find the effectiveness of the person to perform the task and to improve the productivity by applying the principles given in the book.

This score will also help individual and organization to rate self and team such that their suitability for certain tasks, Recruitment, promotion and increment can be found out.

There is a plan to get free HR score. For detailed HR score, a nominal fee is paid and people can enroll themselves for online Training as AMC also. There is also a provision for Personal Mentoring for CEOs/ Leaders by the founder himself.


There are 30 criteria on which a person can rate themselves at the scale of 1 to 10. The person/ applicant can allow chosen reviewer to also rate him/ her. Based on the rating, HR score is given. The Detailed score gives Integrity score, Team Building score and Leadership score. These scores can be improved by the BOOK “you are a born winner” and its implementation by answering its questions and sharing the insight with others and by taking action as per the answers given. This book is available at www.amazon.in/dp/1948372657 and www.amazon.com This book can also be ordered by going into the “improvement” section of this website right now.

By the proper implementation, the performance can be improved many times over.


Rating scale

Below average : 6

Average : 7

Above average : 8

Excellent : 9

Perfect : 10