How to use Organisational Appraisal (Other’s)

  Once you click hrscore tab on top left side or the first line Get your free hrscore at home page, you will get option Self appraisal or organizational Appraisal. If you have not got unique code, then apply fresh. Option is there. If you have unique code, then press organizational Appraisal. Once you feed unique code, you will be asked the applicant and reviewer details. Give the email id etc. and submit. You will then get 30 criteria. Once you rate that applicant at the scale of 1 to 10, you will get the hrcsore, Integrity score, Team Building score and leadership score of the applicant at your email id. You will get Latest as well as Average of the last 3 Reviewers scores.

  If you are freshly applying, your organisation will be added by admin after getting your payment and you will get unique code and dashboard access (userid and password).

  For dashboard access, which is normally with owner of the organisation. As soon as the applicant id is fed in the 1st menu, the score of that applicant/ candidate becomes available on the screen of dashboard.

  Benefits: These scores help the owner in deciding Recruitment, Training, performance appraisal, rewarding, counselling, empowering and almost all HR Function. As these scores are very objective and authentic.

  These scores can be improved with the help of the book “you are a born winner” Chapter 2 for integrity, Chapter 3 for Team Building and chapter 4 for Leadership. And also with the help of online Annual Mentoring. All options are there in the website

  Dashboard also indicates how many review balance is there. And it also allows to place further order of review points to the organization.

  Suppose, there is an organization with 1000 employees. They will need 12 Review points/ employee/ year. For reviewing 360 degree once a quarter. That means 12000 review points If the price is Rs. 100/ Review. The cost is 12 lakh. So, in less than a cost of an HR manager, the whole organization gets hr tools (much more effective and objective).

Rating scale

Below average : 6

Average : 7

Above average : 8

Excellent : 9

Perfect : 10