Developed India-2022

Role of Improved "HR Score" for Developed India

Role of HR Score for Effectiveness of a Person/ Productivity of an Organisation/ GDP of Country

Once we know our HR score by rating ourselves on 30 parameters, We know where we stand. This score reflects the effectiveness of the person concerned. The effectiveness of the person comes from three main qualities. Integrity score, Team Building score and leadership score. All these three scores are available in Detailed HR Score.(Rs. 1000/ person) Once we know the score, We can start thinking of improving it. The Effectiveness of a person (scores) can be improved by:

  1. By ‘Reading this book’ “you are a born Winner” (Rs. 501/ copy). This book of Just 95 (incl. 87 questions/ action levers) contains 24 chapters (4 pillars of Transformation, 4 success steps and 16 Result oriented habits) followed by 3 to 4 questions per chapter. By practicing this book all the three scores can be improved. Which eventually increases the effectiveness of the person and hence the quality of life and ease of living for the person increases.
  2. By going through online Annual Training at (Rs. 12000/ person): In this the person gets the link of the video training of all 24 chapters by founder along with the online support in case they have any queries.
  3. By Personal Mentoring by founder: For that an email is to be sent detailing what results are the participants specifically want from that Mentoring. The price will be customized.
  4. Transformational- OD for Institutions Download link here.
  5. Transformational- OD for corporates, PSUs, Govt, Download link here.

Productivity of an Organisation: The productivity of an organization is the summation of the productivity of all the employees of the organization. In case of the organization, the person is reviewed by their superior also. So that their HR score is more authentic. Once their integrity, Team Building and Leadership score is available through Detailed HR Score, then their effectiveness can be increased by following the above 3 methods. If the employees are able to increase their score by above methods, the commulative effect directly gets translated in the organisation’s Productivity and Profitability.

GDP of a Country: Israel has the per capita income which is about 20 times more than India even though our resources are as good if not better than the Israel. This is a good news, that means we can increase our productivity and GDP by 20 times very easily. As the score of individual and organization increases by the above 3 methods, the GDP of a country naturally increases. If all the Govt. employees and leader starts implementing the points mentioned in the book “you are a born winner”, our GDP can increase from 2.5 tn $ to 40 tn $ in no time.

Rating scale

Below average : 6

Average : 7

Above average : 8

Excellent : 9

Perfect : 10