1) "What results are you looking for yourself, for your relatives and your organisation?"

A ) Which areas do you think are weak and which are strong:

  • i) Personal: self: which one? Health, Time, Money
    Strong: Weak:
  • ii) Family relation: spouse, Children, parents, Relatives
    Strong: Weak:
  • iii) Business: product/ service uniqueness, supply chain, marketing, sales, Finance, HR
    Strong: Weak:

B) CSR (social Service): any major initiative?

C) Spiritual (Meditation, Book Reading, Pilgrimage, Any Lessons)

"If you are not a business person, please go to Point no. 10."

2) Business Integrity Level: (How much People, Process and Technology are integrated? ).

What are your Products/Services/Verticles?

3) What are your business score (approx. In %) on these areas:

Business Integrity Level:

Organisational structure clarity:

Relation with customers:

Enrollment Capacity of Leaders:

4) Strategy:

How clear and effective the leader and team is about Mission, Vision and Values ? (approx. In %)




5) Value Creation:

What is your cos. USP (unique selling point) etc?


Core Competency:

HR Team effectiveness (in percentage also):

6) Value Delivery:

How much (% of times) you deliver the products/ services ?

Timely Delivery:

Competitive cost:

Committed quality:

7) Marketing:

How well your co. is positioned in the mind of stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Govt., Environment) that matter (in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the top). What is your market share (approx.in % in which market?)

Positioning/ Listening by stakeholders:

Market share/ market wise:

8) Sales:

How much is your sales team Trained and are effective (in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best)? How fast is your outstanding collected (in No. Of days)?

Sales Team effectiveness (in a scale of 1 to 10):

Outstanding aging: (% collected below 30 days):

9) Finance:

How effective is your accounts team (in a scale of 1 to 10) and how much is your cash and credit capability?(in lakhs or Crores). Approx. figure

Accounts Team effectiveness:

Finance Team (Your cash and credit capability):

10) Finally:

what are the three so called impossible (challenging) task you want to make possible in this workshop.?

  • i) Goal no 1?
  • What possible solutions can be?
  • ii) Goal no 2?
  • What Possible solutions can be?
  • iii) Goal no 3?
  • What possible solutions can be?

Any other challenging Goals:

Any other things you want to share. Please write in details.

  • Name of Applicant:

  • Contact No:

  • E-mail Id:

  • Website, if any:

  • Date:

  • Address:

  • Introduced by Name:

Rating scale

Below average : 6

Average : 7

Above average : 8

Excellent : 9

Perfect : 10