Developed India-2022

A Concept note on Developed India 2022

“Developed Country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment.” – Kofi Annan Former Secretary General of UN.

"What results are you looking for yourself, for your relatives and your organisation?"
  • Free Life: From Fear of losing Life, Economic status, Honour and ways of fulfilling Purpose. (True Education and skill and social Norms helps)
  • Healthy Life: Affordable Medicine, quality and ethical Doctors, Healthy Lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Safe Environment: Law and Order, Judiciary, Defense.

India is developed when:

  1. 99%+ of our adult population is minimum high school educated. Education Ministry.
  2. Almost all of our population is skilled and can work jobs at their highest potential: Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Ministry.
  3. Almost the whole of our population has access to basic essentials - food, clothing, shelter, freedom, safety, healthcare, sanitation, water, electricity: Relevant Ministry.
  4. We don't lose more than a small fraction of our population to communicable diseases and epidemics: Health Ministry.
  5. We can set up a new business in under 2 days and will be able to run it without much hassle.: MSME ministry
  6. Moving people and goods across the country should be easily done under a day: Transport Development Ministry.
  7. When people stop being productive due to sickness, old age or other reasons, we have an effective social safety network to take care of them. : Social Security Ministry.
  8. Anyone from any part of India can call and get access to help incase of any emergency: Emergency Ministry.
  9. Every part of India is reasonably safe for anyone at any time of the day: Home Ministry.
  10. There is a rule of law and no culture of fear - where anyone can get justice without much delay. : Police Department and Judiciary.

If we see the above requirement of being a developed country, we will find that all is possible if the relevant ministry gets into mission mode. The relevant stakeholders in Ministry include Govt. employees, NGOs, elected representatives. In one word, we can say that if the attitude and habits of Indianschange then India will automatically become developed.

As we know by now that to succeed, one must work on their core competency. Our core competency is our youth and huge pool of human capital. They are hardworking and knowledgeable. What they miss is productive and result- oriented habits. This book has enumerated those habits which will make this country a developed nation. Atleast by 2022, we can say that we refuse to accept that we are living in a developing country. We will behave as if our country is a developed one and any gap which becomes visible between our dreams, nation, and our existing reality, we will fill that up.

So, how will it look like in 2022, when we are a developed country?

  1. People are healthy and physically fit. That means they are respecting the physical work and doing yoga, exercises etc. Their food intake is nutritious. Those who can afford are conscious of their health and food habits. Those who cannot afford are supported by Governments and communities to live a healthy life. And those who have fallen sick are getting world class medical facilities at a reasonable cost and for that lots of medical institutions, hospitals and qualified Doctors are available.
  2. People are mentally fit. The education system is holistic with a blend of informative as well as transformative education (as mentioned in this book). The yoga, sports, prayer and meditation are a part of their curriculum.
  3. People are spiritually fit. They have a sound grounding of connectedness with the “law of karma” (i.e. Every karma has a consequence) and they are oriented towards the need of “Self-actualization (self-development)” and committed towards fulfilling the purpose of their life such that they are bringing the best out of them for the development of self, others, country and infact the whole humanity. Also, people are present to the greatness in “each and every one” irrespective of caste, creed, sex and nationality.

Above all, fitness puts us on right track. Afterwards, to gather the speed and multiply productivity, we need to focus on the following three pillars.

  1. Respect for our WORD: inculcation of “Honoring our Word” and “Creating empowering context”. Both are self-explanatory.
  2. Team Work and enrolling communication: Power comes by enrolling and inspiring others by sharing our mission and purpose of life. Therefore, instead of using the force and manipulations, we should share our possibilities in such a way that others are enrolled and we start working as a team for a common purpose of making our country great. By making the other person win along with our win is the best way for a long lasting and sustainable development. Recently, I had a dispute with another businessperson. As he started saying lies, it hurt me so much. I had a huge trust on him and his actions were causing me significant financial loss. I did not want to compromise and there was a communication gap. However, very soon, I found out a way to negotiate and currently working on a win-win solution. It has de-stressed me and I could concentrate on the truly important things and our relation has improved since then. Similar thing has happened with Indo- China standoff at Doklam. Finally, a diplomatic pathway was found such that China could also save its face and India could also assert herself. This has happened because India could keep its cool inspite of provocations from the Chinese media. India succeeded in enrolling china about the ultimate goal of development by working together.
  3. Enterprising Leadership: We need to create and develop leaders who inturn can create more leaders. We are becoming the country of followers. We need to find out the people who daretotake initiatives, bring out the best in others and who are committed for the development of the society and the country as a whole. We need to come out from the mentality of only serving our own near and dear ones. Wherever and whenever we get the opportunity, we should support the talents that we see around us. The developed society should give the funds to the people who want us to do something new. Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, startups, honest young politicians, teachers etc. should be encouraged at all levels. Besides the monetary support, we should guide and support the talented people in our field of expertise. For this, we need to develop an abundant mentality rather than a scarce and insecure one.

With the above guidelines, can we certainly become the largest value producers of the world?

The answer is yes. It is possible to be a developed country as early as 2022. As it is not dependent on external factors but on our internal strengths of building the human capital through the Transformative Success Principles and result - oriented habits. With the comparable land per capita and even less mineral resources, the GDP of Israel per capita is about 20 times more than the GDP per capita of India. That means, we have the scope of multiplying our GDP by 20 times. That means our GDP can be as high as 40 tn $ within a short span of time, if our people become productive. And we will be physically, mentally, emotionally, economically, socially and spiritually a highly developed nation as early as 2022. Actions:

  1. Look at the various areas of your life such as personal, professional, social or spiritual. List down the areas where results are much below the expectations. How will you improve your productivity in these areas? Write in 250 words.
  2. Your answers:

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  3. To identify the cause, look at the three pillars as given below. Please make a plan and work on that plan to strengthen those three pillars.
    1. Respect for Word and Promise:
    2. Plan:

    3. Team Work and Communication: where people say yes to your proposal as it is win- win for them.
    4. Plan:

    5. Enterprising Leadership: Your invitation to others for taking action looks like an opportunity for them and they take action.
    6. Plan:

  4. Kindly write down 3 major steps that you will take to make India a developed nation by 2022.

  5. India will be developed only when each and every Indian isdeveloped or is capable of becoming developed. Please write down a few words about the steps that you will take to overcome these issues.
    1. Financial Issues

    2. Professional Growth

    3. Relationship Issues.

    4. Nation Building Issues:

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